Food & snack for your dog

Polish producer
of the highest quality nourishment for dogs
We deliver freshness and a multitude of products to the Polish and European market, which our competitors used to call dog food. Bult is much more than just a dog food. We produce a dog nourishment. Using the latest technological processes mastered to perfection, ensuring that the quality of our products reaches the highest parameters and all for attractive prices that are incomparable to others on the market. Constant access to raw materials, our own production lines, logistic base, as well as the passion and dedication of our team make us unique - just as unique as our cooperation could be, to which we warmly invite you!
Dry food
For large and small dogs, available in four flavors, 3 and 12 kg packages. Taste, smell, appropriate shape of granules, full of vitamins and minerals, all premium class quality, all with your pets best interest in mind. Bults bags with their reusable and durable fasteners system turned out to be a real hit! You will be delighted and your dogs will be fed sufficiently.
The best bites of meat closed in a handy jar that your dog will not be able to pass by indifferently.
A, B, C and K are a set of vitamins that enrich each of our stews, but also as an abbreviation for dog food from Bult: A for appealing, B for beneficial, C for crafted and K for keep it going for the proper nutrition of your dog.
and chews
Bult snacks are appreciated by the owners and dogs just love them.
Dog Food Rolls Premium
Complete food for dog
Pure meat combined with the healthy additives as a premium dog food rolls.
Training treats
Our natural trainers will be perfect as a reward after active training or a walk
Available in many flavors, in the form of bites and sausages
Treats in biodegradable packaging
The best for your dog, this time in eco-friendly packaging
Bult - Polish producer of natural food and delicacies for dogs

Welcome in the space that we share with you. Here you will find the necessary knowledge and information that will allow you to change the approach to animal nutrition. You can read here what our production processes look like, as well as receive detailed data about the dog food that we prepare in Poland. Bult makes our local dogs healthy and happy, bult is already conquering the European market as well!

We are proud and we will repeat it all along every production step that everything what leaves our factory is made in the Polish countryside, so we are sure that we are giving you the best.

Among the products of the bult brand - a new Polish producer of food and snacks for dogs - we find many items that arouse surprise. For example, due to the lack of their availability in the competition’s offer. This is the case with dried livers, goose and cod skin - a naturally salty delicacy from the Baltic Sea. The same situation applies to the approach of production technology. Teethers, treats and snacks produced in our newly established factory do not contain any additives in the form of hardeners, emulsifiers or chemical spores. In bult products there is one hundred percent meat in the meat and we will stick to that! We are only interested in naturalness!

Bult branded wet and dry foods are 100% natural, do not contain any added grains, enhancers or preservatives.

In the Bult.TV tab you will find a number of audiovisual advice, articles by our specialists in the field of behavior, nutrition and health of dogs and cats.

The Bult Group appeared on the market quite unexpectedly and immediately attracted attention - especially the quality and variety of the range of snacks and teethers. Bult’s beef rumen - so much desired by pet owners - is considered the best on the market: it does not crumble and, most importantly, smells really good. The Bult Group factory has no problem with raw material supply. The bult offer also includes classic dog food rolls, stews and trainers in convenient jars.

The unusual design of bult products is sure to draw attention. We are distinguished by a palette of four pastel colors: green, orange, lemon yellow and sea blue, which you cannot pass by indifferently!